Introducing the Olympics that were canceled in the past.


The postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be delayed, but it will probably be canceled.

oday I will answer these questions.

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  • Cancellation of past Olympics
  • Economic effects of postponing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics are a sporting festival that involves the world, so it is hard to cancel the Olympics.
It is not easy to make a decision to cancel because it will affect not only your own country but also the countries participating in the Olympics.
Nevertheless, given the global situation and the current turmoil, the postponement of the Olympics is said to be heavy, but it is possible that cancellations are being considered with a view to ending.

Past Olympics cancellations and history

Past Olympics cancellations and history
In fact, the Olympics were canceled three times in the past in the long history of the Olympics.
I will write about the cause of the Olympics being canceled and the subsequent development.

7th 1916 Berlin Olympics

The first abolition of the Olympics, which started in 1896, was the 7th 1916 Berlin Olympics.
It was first canceled 20 years after the beginning of the Olympics.

Causes of Olympic cancellation

The cause of the suspension

  • World War I

In preparation for the Berlin Olympics, a large stadium capable of accommodating approximately 40,000 people was established between 1912 and 1913.
However,during World War I, the European region was a center of fire, so the IOC General Assembly at that time decided to cancel the Berlin Olympics.

About restart after Olympics cancellation

The following year, World War I ended in 1917, and the IOC General Assembly will be reconvened.
The purpose of the convocation was to decide the venue of the Olympics scheduled to be held in 1920, but Mr. Coubertin, IOC chairman at the time, decided to hold the venue including working in Europe damaged by the war Selected for Antwerp (Belgium).
As a result, the 1916 Berlin Olympics could not be held, but the next Olympics were held in Europe.

In Berlin, it was chosen as the venue for the 1936 Olympics, and it was a success without obstacles.

12th 1940 Tokyo Olympics

It was the Olympics where Tokyo was selected as the first Olympic venue in Asia.
The World Exposition is also scheduled to be held in conjunction with the Olympics, and we are waiting for a positive impact on the Japanese economy.
The morale was rising all over Japan.

Causes of Olympic cancellation

The cause of the suspension

  • Sino-Japanese war

As the war intensified and the national crisis was at stake , the Tokyo Olympics were canceled as a result of strong opposition from the military, who feared that personnel and materials could be taken to the Olympic host .
By the way, the related expenses that Japan contributed from the time when Tokyo City returned the right to host the Olympics in 1930 were about 2.3 billion yen.

About restart after Olympics cancellation

For the time being, the Tokyo Olympics were canceled, and the Olympics were held again in Tokyo in 1964 by re-election rather than reopening.
The facilities that were established in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, which were canceled in 1940, were still being used effectively, but many of the facilities were re-used in the 1964 event.

13th London Olympics 1944

The London Olympics, which had been scheduled to be held next time after receiving the TASKI from the canceled Tokyo Olympics, has also been canceled.
This is the case that was canceled twice consecutively.

Causes of Olympic cancellation

The cause of the suspension

  • Second World War

World War II broke out and intensified, and the British area and France declared war on Germany, and the European area was engulfed in the same way as World War I.
The London Olympics, which were scheduled to be held, were also canceled.
Although the IOC's philosophy was that "politics and sports are separate," it seems that the situation was not so sweet that the Olympics could be held in a beautiful way.

About restart after Olympics cancellation

Although the London Olympics were canceled due to the war, London was selected as the 13th Olympic venue in 1948 after the war,
and successfully held the first post-war Olympics.

Economic effects of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being canceled

Economic effects of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being canceled
Should the 2020 Tokyo Olympics be abandoned, the impact on the economy should be concerned, as well as the difficulties of the athletes.
In particular, the economic impact on Japan should be enormous, as the costs associated with the Tokyo Olympics are enormous.

No matter how you make a mistake, it does not have a positive effect on the economy.

Domestic economic losses

Economic losses in the event of the Tokyo Olympics being canceled in 2020 were derived from private estimates.

Economic loss if canceled

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product) decreased by 1.4% About 7.8 trillion yen

7.8 trillion yen is an enormous amount. It's a loss that will be chased even though the Japanese economy is not good.
Inbound demand, infrastructure development costs, advertising costs, and merchandise sales are all going to stop selling.

The impact on the Japanese economy is considerable.

Starting with the Olympics, many companies are looking to rebuild the industry.
Some of my business partners also have mid-term plans to take in overseas customers at the Olympics and keep it up.

By the way, the estimated amount of economic loss if postponed is

Economic loss if postponed

  • 600-700 billion yen

Although the unit notation has changed and the impact has been reduced, there is still an economic loss in billions.
The sensation is paralyzed, and it is a tremendous amount.
However, it is postponed, so if it is resumed, it may turn a little positive.

Economic effects abroad

If the Tokyo Olympics are canceled, those who have saved money for travel will be useless, so they
may spend more on other entertainment.
Some people travel in the country or travel abroad if the corona is calm.
In any case, aside from Japan, the economy may turn around well in the world.


Not to mention the people who were looking forward to watching the Olympics be canceled, but also the players who have worked hard for the Games are not pitiful.
If it was held this year due to age restrictions, it would have been possible to participate, but if the year changes due to postponement or cancellation, the age restriction may be caught.
This may not be the case, but I would like to give up on the players who have worked hard for the Tokyo Olympics.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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